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July 28, 2021

Student Accommodation during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Student life during the pandemic


Many students live away from home during term time in University Student Accommodation such as University Halls of Residence, Private Student Halls of Residence, or in Private Rented Sector Student Accommodation. However, lockdowns and social distancing measures have impacted student life. With the closing of University and College Campuses around the country, many students lost access to libraries, study spaces, social spaces and other facilities that can contribute to a great student experience.


While online teaching made it possible to work from “anywhere” at distance, studying from home can be difficult. Students may save costs and can be close to their families, but they may have to work in an environment that is not as ideal for studying. Online education relies on a stable internet connection, a quiet work environment, and the proper technical equipment to follow classes online. For many students, moving back to a reopened campus would be preferable for their study success.


Finding student accommodation during the pandemic


All remaining university students in England can return to in-person teaching from the 17th May. As a return to a less restricted campus life becomes more realistic, with progress towards “normalisation” throughout society and the next academic year approaching, many universities in England can now offer more in-person teaching. This means current and prospective students could make plans for Finding, Choosing and Securing Student Accommodation near Universities.


The Coronavirus Pandemic can change quickly, and different providers of Student Accommodation have different rules for how to deal with rental contracts in extraordinary situations. Students can contact their Student Accommodation Provider to find out what, if any, arrangements can be made if they need to leave their accommodation early. You may find this link to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Student Accommodation during the Coronavirus Pandemic useful.


Why not use Studentpad to search for your Student Accommodation for September 2021, don’t forget to use the Covid 19 Flexible Booking Policy Filter on your search results to see which Student Landlords, or Private Halls Providers are offering a Covid 19 Flexible Booking Policy.

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