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July 28, 2021

Finding your Student Accommodation for September 2021

Plan for future you – make 2021 awesome

As many of you have spent most of this year studying at home or even had your studies put on hold, now you have the perfect opportunity to make up for lost time and forget about all the recent lockdowns (if that is possible!). Universities are opening again now and then *hopefully* by September, student life will be back to normal. However, amongst all the uncertainty of the past year, it may have slipped your mind to search for, and secure, your student accommodation for 2021/22. No need to panic though – we’ve got some steps for you to follow which will make it that little bit easier and stress free so you can enjoy your summer to the max!

How to find the best student accommodation?

Finding safe, secure affordable student accommodation is super straightforward– just answer these questions and follow the steps!

  • Who do you want to live with? Decide who you want to live with.
  • What type of student accommodation would you prefer? Flat, studio,apartment, private halls or house share in a student house?
  • Find your University on the Studentpad site look up tool, and navigate to your University Studentpad site.
  • Create and set up your own Studentpad account
  • Set an alert for the type of student property you would like. You can customise this to focus on the size of property, rent, availability and area that is perfect for you.
Finding your perfect student accommodation
Now you are all set! How simple!

It is always a good idea to find out from your accommodation department when the new properties get released – this way you won’t miss out on the best!

What if I change my mind or Covid-19 affects my accommodation situation?

Due to this uncertain climate at the present time, a lot of landlords and private halls are including Covid-19 flexible booking policy terms and tenancy amendments, which are displayed against a property on each Studentpad site. Obviously, with the restrictions easing and vaccination programme beingrolled out, this is hopefully something you won’t have to worry about for muchlonger! However, we would advise that you check out the terms before you book (just to be extra safe!)


If you are all prepped beforehand you will be ready to go and get your perfect pad, with exactly who you want to live with as soon as it becomes available.


Now the easy bit is over and done with, all you have to do is focus on the partying! (Well, that and the studying…).

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