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University of Northampton

About this institution...

The University of Northampton is a public university based in Northampton, England. It was formed in 1999 by the amalgamation of a number of training colleges and gained full university status as The University of Northampton in 2005.

Northampton Technical College was established. The St George’s Avenue building was opened by the Duke and Duchess of York in 1932. The School of Art opened in 1937.

The then Secretary of State for Education and Science, Margaret Thatcher opened the College of Education at Park Campus in 1972.

Nene College was formed from the amalgamation of the College of Education, College of Technology and College of Art in 1975, and in 1978, The Leatherseller’s College in London was integrated into Nene College.

In 1993, Nene College incorporated St Andrew’s School of Occupational Therapy and was granted undergraduate degree awarding powers.  Sir Gordon Roberts College of Nursing and Midwifery was also incorporated into Nene College in 1997

Nene College became University College Northampton, before being awarded its ull status and current title in 2005.

Currently the University of Northampton has two campuses, Park Campus in Kingsthorpe, and Avenue Campus, located in the north of the town.  In September 2018, the new Waterside Campus will fully open.

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