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July 28, 2021

Top ten tips for getting assignments done remotely

Once you have found your perfect student accommodation, the next step will be ensuring you can get top marks in your assignments. When getting your assignments done remotely, these top ten tips might help you save time, and leave you more time to relax and enjoy student life.


1.    Know when your assignments are due in and how much each is worth! Assignments can easily sneak up on you outside of a regular classroom environment. Create a schedule for yourself with each assignment highlighted to make sure you have enough time to complete them. Get started early! 


2.    Attend any meetings about the assignments, even if you think you understand it fully, its not wasted time as people often bring up really good points that can help you make your assignment better. The lecturer might also give you good info on where to find good material. 


3.    Work out the heading of each section of your assignment first! Have a think, look over the assignment instructions and set these as headings in a word document, use the navigation panel so you can jump to these when you are adding research to each section. Always have an introduction and conclusion. The middle sections will depend on the assignment.


4.    Start researching using your university online library tool, they usually have a box to select all the online material so you can get hold of what you need right away, rather than going to the library. Read the abstract and decide if it’s a useful paper. Once you have a good research paper, look at their reference list to find yourself more material, there will usually be a link to other papers or you can find using the title in your universities online library. 

5.    Put all your reference links and the citations in a separate document and do the proper reference list all together at the end, its more efficient than doing each one as you find it. Get a good referencing guide.


6.    When you find good diagrams use the snip function and put these in your document, make sure you reference these properly – pictures can help you explain points and will help you stick with the word counts. 


7.    Always do lots of research and start out with more words that your word count, then start to edit your document to get the text concise, don’t repeat points in different sections, you can restructure your document from your original plan. Keep editing versions of your paper making it better each time.


8.    Use the read aloud function on your computer when you think you are done, this often reveals little mistakes hiding in your text. Pay attention to the spell check and grammar tools too!


9.    Hand it in well before the last minute! Don’t assume you will always have perfect internet.


10. Once its in, forget about it! Don’t keep thinking about things that might have improved it, you can’t change these now! Keep a list of tips for yourself that you learnt from each assignment to help on the next one.


If you are still searching through available student accommodation, consider these top ten tips and make sure you have that perfect desk and work area to get those assignments started.

Doing some last minute exam prep? Why not view our video showing three top tips for studying at home!

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