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November 10, 2021

Top tips for living in your new student house

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There’s no denying that the anticipation of officially moving out into your own pad is totally exciting!! However, if this is your first time of living independently, or next year will be the first time in a student house, we’ve got a few tips for things that you may not have thought about when living at home.



Ohh I can almost hear your sighs of disappointment and boredom after you’ve read the first headline. I’m sorry. However, the boring stuff needs to come first! When moving in (or shortly afteryou have moved in) to your new student accommodation, make sure it is safe and secure. If you are moving far away from your hometown, your parents will no doubt make themselves sick with worry for the first few weeks (so, tell them from us – “you’re welcome”). It may not be guaranteed that your new home will have a house alarm or window locks etc, but you could put in a request to your landlord if not. It is no lie that student life usually involves alcohol consumption and nights out can easily get wild. Try and make sure you always head home with a friend (bonus if it’s a housemate) and in your giddy state, make sure you lock your door!


Ah yes, this is probably more enticing. It’s not very common that you are allowed to decorate student houses (unless you have a really generous landlord). Although it’s a bit of a bummer for you when you’re living there, imagine how much it would cost landlords to redecorate neutrally after every student moved out! Despite not being able to pick up the paint brush, you can still put your own stamp on the place! Why not pin up a nice mandala throw? Or adopt a cute lil house plant. You can still make the room yours without having to use too many DIY skills – perfect!


I know. Could this blog BE any more boring!? However, your housemates need to be considered and your housemates need to be considerate to you too! Cleaning is presumably the last thing on your mind before you head off into the big, wide world on your own, but it doesn’t mean it should be side-lined completely. Some people expect to come home to a spick and span house and some people are okay with a little untidiness- we are all raised differently (no judgments!). Therefore, its polite and courteous to clean up after yourselves, primarily in the communal living areas. Your room is yours whilst you are living there – there’s no doubt about that. Yet that doesn’t mean you can take advantage and leave it in an unruly state. Be respectful to your landlord, after all, it is their property (and you don’t want to miss out on getting your deposit back!).

Student cleaning


Choosing who to live with can be greatly exciting but also a huge burden. Make sure to choose wisely. After all, as many wise elders have said – “you never really know a person until you live with them”. If you happen to make plenty of friends during Fresher’s week, you may wish to live with them. Its no doubt easier moving in with friends (or at least acquaintances) than total strangers. If you and your pals need some inspo for some cracking student accommodation, here at Studentpad, we have plenty! You and your mates can each sign up with us and set alerts for when new student houses become available. You can even set preferences for your perfect pad so you won’t miss it when the advert is up – what a winner! All you have to do is check out and check out your options!


If this blog didn’t bore you to sleep, we wish you all the very best with your studies and the new-found freedom of student living! Stay safe, get partying, have fun and smash those degrees!

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