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July 28, 2021

Going to University in September 2021 and Covid 19

Student accommodation

Are you heading to uni in September?

Despite the current situation, many students starting university in September 2021, or returning to University, are considering their next steps and how Covid 19 will impact their student accommodation.


The Government has now advised that individuals who wish to move house can now do so' If that remains the case until September, then you can follow their online advice to prepare yourselves for a move back to your student digs. Click here to access this advice.

Student accommodation

Are you moving into university halls or private halls?


If that is the case, the best steps are to check the university or private hall's website for their Covid 19 plans and advice. Many are offering flexible terms to allow you to book with peace of mind. If you are booking via Studentpad you can filter accommodation using the Covid 19 flexible booking tool, once you reach your university Studentpad site.


Are you planning to rent a private house, apartment or flat?


Rent student house

There are a few steps you can take to prepare:

  • Read the government advice about moving house
  • Contact your landlord and ask what measures he has in  place to protect you.
  • Consider a virtual or online viewing to check the property is suitable, prior to requesting an actual viewing


Are you still looking for student accommodation?


If you are still searching for accommodation, the best strategy is to research properties as much as possible online, in order to allow you to comply with Covid 19 guidelines as much as possible.

Register on the Studentpad site of your university and add properties you are interested in to your Hot List. That means you are ready to go as soon as you have made your decision.

 A lot of landlords are uploading video walk-throughs and offering remote viewings via either WhatsApp or Zoom, take advantage of these where possible to allow you and your friends to view a property safely!


These are great ways to get a good idea about a property and whether it would suit you and your friends. Use the transport plotter on Studentpad to check how to get to key locations, such as the campus and library as well. Google Maps can also be a great tool to view the local area and get a feel for the street.



Student Flat

 Have you left possessions in your current student property?


The Government has now advised that those students who wish to go and collect their belongings, can now do so as long as you follow their advice online.

 If you are looking for more advice the government has created the following useful blog .


I'm at university now when will my lectures be restarting?

The government has provided the following useful information for students, click here to view. The best place to find out about your individual courses is by visiting your university advice pages.

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