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January 24, 2021

Top 5 Tips for finding the best student accommodation!

When looking for new student accommodation, the excitement can sometimes cause us to overlook small, but essential details. The worst thing you can do is rush into a property because you think it is perfect, only to be sorely disappointed with elements after signing on the dotted line. We have drawn up a list of the top 5 tips to consider for when looking for the best student accommodation for you.

  1. All Inclusive Bills

This may seem like an obvious one! However, bills are the costliest part of living independently, and therefore it is really important to try and save money on them! Especially after having to endure national lockdowns, if you were paying for bills separately to your rent, chances are, you’ve forked out a pretty penny! Bills that are included in your rent (gas and electricity, water, Wifi and council tax to name the big ones) will be a huge saving, so try and focus on places that offer these! Obviously, with the recent lockdown due to Covid 19, these bills would have been a lot higher than previous times, so having them included in your rent would have been a god send! Some landlords may not include TV licences in this inclusion so keep an eye out for that too – or just ask!

  1. Security and Privacy

This is probably one parents will want you to look out for! However, it is massively important to make sure there is a secure front and back door, windows and a working alarm system would be most preferable! Again, this is a fairly obvious point, but you may forget to look for these things when viewing your potential new place (we all tend to focus on the interior décor!). Inside locks per bedroom (and bathroom!) is something you may find in shared affordable accommodation, and it may be something you will require. A lot of landlords offer this to students to enable you to keep your personal privacy, even if you are living with friends and not just strangers. We’re not saying this to alarm you, or to make you feel like moving out is not safe, but for your safety and the safety of your belongings, keep a keen eye out for this when looking for your new pad!

  1. Location

Location may not be so important to you when looking for a new home, but for students, it is almost essential. The last thing you want is an hour-long journey (with limited bus routes!) to your university, especially not to a 9am lecture with a hangover! Try and find somewhere that accommodates you as best as it can in terms of travel, more so if you don’t have your own mode of transport. This will also help you find somewhere in an affordable, student friendly area, so the likelihood of elderly neighbours who go to bed at 9pm is a lot slimmer (and less pressure to keep the noise down).

  1. Affordability

Making sure you find affordable student accommodation is essential. It is no secret that living student life is financially tight. Although the place you find might be swanky looking, modern and comfortable, make sure you’re not paying over the odds and the price is within your budget. You may have a great place to live but you may not have any money left to enjoy yourself! Bear this in mind when looking for, and securing your student accommodation.

  1. Furniture and Furnishings

In most UK student housing, furniture such as sofas, beds, desk and a chair will be provided. This will save you money and the hassle of moving big pieces of furniture, but make sure you check the quality of the furnishings. If they break during your tenancy, your landlord could hold onto your deposit to replace them, or you will have to fork out yourself. Always check the small print and the inventory thoroughly so you have a clear idea of what comes with the share house, flat, studio or private student halls. You don’t want to view it when it isfully furnished, and then move into an empty room!

Now you know what to look out for visit, find your university or city and get searching through available student accommodation today, whether its for next term or September 2021.

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